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First Class Process

First Class Process


First Class Process

First Class Process represents individuals and businesses with the Service of Process, Private Investigations and Legal Support. Are you in the New York area and in need of the services of a Private Investigator or a Process Server? As a licensed City of New York Private Investigator and Registered Process Server, First Class Process can assist you in various endeavors. These include: Service of Process of your Child Support Order, Custody and/or Visitation papers, Landlord/Tenant Notices and Petitions, Summons and Complaints, Divorce papers, Orders to Show Cause, Subpoenas, Citations and any other legal papers related to any type of proceeding. We have extensive experience, always abide by the laws, advise you on your situation and explain what we can and cannot do to help you.

At First Class Process, we are honest, reliable, and extremely efficient. We are trained and familiar with dealing with evasive defendants/respondents. We know exactly how to handle them and the proper proceedings that may follow.

If you think you need a Private Investigator, then you most likely have a serious personal or business issue that requires professional assistance. At First Class Process, our Private Investigators find proof and information that protects you, your family or your business.

First Class Process provides:

Private Investigations for- Lawyers and Law Firms, Unsolved Crime and Cold Cases.

Background Checks– Criminal, Employment and Personal / Asset Searches.

Surveillance– Catch a Cheating Spouse, Cheating Spouse Signs, Employee Surveillance, Workers’ Comp Surveillance.

Locating People– Find Missing Persons, Find Runaways, Find Friends and Family, Find Lost Loves Ones.

Corporate Investigation– Interview and Interrogation, Fraud Investigation, Corporate Security.

Whether you are using our services at First Class Process for marital indiscretions or finding hidden assets, we find incontestable proof of any wrong doing. Contact us today for a free consultation.

first class process

First Class Process


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