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How to Serve a Tenant

how to serve a tenant

How to Serve a Tenant

How to Serve a Tenant

Are you in New York and in need of a Process Server? Do you know how to serve a tenant? First Class Process is here to help. A process server is hired to notify individuals, in this case, tenants, that they are being sued by serving legal papers. You can read more about the importance of hiring a process server here.


If you are ready to take action, here is how to approach the situation with a tenant:

  1. A tenant must be served the right way, known as service. Otherwise, the judge may dismiss the case, thus making you start all over again.
  2. You (landlord/owner) cannot service the papers yourself to the Tenant. You can use First Class process servers to do the job. A friend who is 18 years old or order can also do it, keeping in mind that this friend does not serve more than five papers each year. You can accompany your friend to do this.
  3. Papers can be served between 6am and 10pm but CANNOT be served on Sundays. Papers should not be served during a religious observance day if the tenant is a known observer and will not be home.


There are different methods of delivery:

  1. Personal Delivery: refers to when the papers are delivered directly to the defendant/respondent
  2. Substituted Delivery: refers to when papers are left to a substitute, who can give the defendant/respondent, and copies of the papers are made to be mailed
  3. Conspicuous Delivery: If neither of the above deliveries can be made, the paper is left in a location (just as home or workplace) where they are likely to be found by the defendant/respondent, and copies are mailed


At First Class Process, we care about your critical situation and that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

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