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How To Serve Legal Papers In New York City

how to serve legal papers in new york city

How To Serve Legal Papers In New York City

How To Serve Legal Papers In New York City

Do you know how to serve legal papers in New York City? Do you already have enough on your plate with courtroom prep and discussions with your attorney? While legal procedures can be tough on anyone, it is important that you are aware of all the different steps involved.


You want a winning case the first time around. It is best to do your research and have all the proper documentation in order. One of the most important steps, is to have the legal papers served to the other party involved in the case. The other party must be notified because how else can they show up to court?


Because the plaintiff cannot serve the legal papers him or herself, a third party not involved in the case must do serve. A friend or relative, over the age of 18, with no interest in the case can serve the legal papers. However, there is a proper procedure to follow. In order to ensure the best results and that the process occurred in a way that can be upheld in court, you can hire a process server.



There are three different delivery methods. Under different circumstances, one delivery method may work better than the other. First Class Process process servers are knowledgable and trained to use the most fitting delivery method.

  1. Personal delivery: Legal papers are handed to the defendant directly. Papers must be served throughout the hours of 6 am and 10 pm, except on Sundays or any days of religious observance.
  2. Substituted delivery: Papers are handed to a substitute who can then hand the papers directly to the defendant. CopiesĀ of the papers are also mailed.
  3. Conspicuous delivery: Papers are left in a place where they are likely to be found by the defendant. Copies of the papers are mailed too. This delivery is used when the other 2 methods are unsuccessful.


You can rest assured knowing that ourĀ process servers also sign a notarized affidavit of service under oath with the details of the service process.


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