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How to Serve Someone in New York

how to serve someone in new york

How to Serve Someone in New York

How to Serve Someone in New York

Researching how to serve someone in New York? First Class Process can give you a quick guide of points you need to know to serve someone. It is important to note that those involved in any lawsuit, should consult an attorney.


Initiating papers are used to start an action or specific proceeding. Examples of these papers include: Summons with Complaint, Summons with Notice, and Petition. An identifying number is given to each case filed in Supreme Court, known as the Index Number. A case has officially started once is has been assigned an index number.


To give another party legal papers is known as service. Starting a lawsuit by serving papers is the service of process. Strict rules must be followed because the service of process notifies the other party of the lawsuit’s initiation and formally brings them before the court. Improper service is subject to dismissal of the lawsuit.


The person serving papers must both be over the age of 18 and not be the party involved in the case. A process server from First Class Process can serve the papers. The papers may not be served on a Sunday nor on religious observance days if the respondent is known to observe those days.


First Class Process serves all five boroughs of New York City and surrounding areas. We are licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. First Class Process can assist you with any service of process such as Child Support Orders, Divorce papers, Custody and/or Visitation papers, Landlord/Tenant notices and petitions. We are committed to serving you with honesty and care. If you are still unsure about the process and want to learn more details you can start by clicking here.


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