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How to start a Holdover case in Brooklyn

how to start a holdover case in brooklyn

How to start a Holdover case in Brooklyn

How to start a Holdover case in Brooklyn

How to start a Holdover case in Brooklyn – In order to begin a holdover case, one must first have a legal reason for wanting to evict a tenant.  We have provided a list of some reasons you may want to evict a tenant below:

  • Expired Lease
  • The person living in the apartment is not the tenant of record
  • End of your licensee’s permission to stay in the apartment
  • Tenant refusing to allow you to enter the apartment for repairs.  (your request to enter should always be at a reasonable hour and must have a valid reason to need to enter)
  • If there is no written lease, (perhaps you have a month to month verbal agreement) and you want your tenant to leave.
  • Your tenant violated their lease.
  • if the tenant, tenant’s subtenant or licensee or tenants family member was involved in a public nuisance or part of any criminal activity.

This procedure can become very complicated and can even be dismissed by the court if the correct procedures are not followed properly. Rent regulations or subsidy agreements can also make this procedure complicated. Having a lawyer is important, so we encourage you to consult everything with your lawyer, who can handle most of the filing tasks for you in court.

Please note: Our article “how to start a holdover case in brooklyn”, is meant to be used as only a guide.  Please contact your city/state court office for information.

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