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Private Investigator- Brooklyn, New York

Private Investigator- Brooklyn, New York

Private Investigator- Brooklyn, New York

First Class Process provides private investigations to the residents of Brooklyn, New York. I am a Private Investigator licensed by the state of New York. I have over 25 years of experience in the legal field and work as a Private Investigator for Brooklyn, New York law firms, companies or individuals on many types of investigations.

What does a Private Investigator do?

A Private Investigator is often hired to obtain information regarding the identity, whereabouts, reputation, or character of any person or group of people throughout the borough of Brooklyn. A Private Investigator (often abbreviated to PI and informally called a private eye) may also conduct investigations regarding the credibility of witnesses; exact location of missing persons; the location or recovery of lost or stolen property; and the causes and origin of- or responsibility for- fires, libels, or losses, etc.

At its core, the job of a Private Investigator (PI) is to gather and analyze all the research and data we have obtained. We are often asked to conduct surveillance, verify an individual’s background, conduct interviews and search public records. Private Investigators are indispensable to a number of high-profile industries and positions throughout Brooklyn. We may work for any number of clients, from private business to federal, state and local governments.

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As licensed and highly skilled professionals, we are responsible for doing everything from tracking down cyber criminals to ensuring that Brooklyn workers’ compensation benefits are not being abused. We often are hired to investigate infidelity among spouses. Whether our investigation is for personal, business or legal matters, we are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to finding out background information. We can obtain certain documents or records that you would typically not be able to locate on your own. To check out all the service investigations that we provide go to:


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