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Private Investigator Staten Island New York

Private Investigator Staten Island New York


Main Responsibilities of a Private Investigator Staten Island New York

Private Investigator Staten Island New York find facts about people and illicit activity and present the information to clients. Some work with manufacturers and financial institutions, while others specialize in forensics or investigations for individuals. Investigators spend most of their time completing three main objectives which include:


One of the major responsibilities of a private investigator is research. We research legal records, family history and conduct computer searches to research a crime or conduct a background check on a job candidate. After our research, we analyze the facts to find pertinent information for solving the the Private Investigator Staten Island New York case.


Part of the fact-finding method involves interviewing people in Staten Island, New York to gather necessary information. These people may be relatives of missing individuals, someone who has witnessed a crime in Staten Island, New York or has other relevant information. Through these interviews combined with our own research, we gather evidence to solve a case or present court evidence.


If we are hired by an individual or organization to find out the activities of a person, we will have to conduct surveillance in Staten Island, New York. This involves watching a person without them being aware. We see where they go and what they are doing and report the findings back to our client.

Some cases involve more research and overall work than others. Even though we like to find our facts as quick as possible, there are many resources we can use to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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