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Private Investigators Brooklyn, New York

Private Investigators Brooklyn, New York


Private Investigators Brooklyn, New York

The role of a Private Investigators is, often times, much more complex than it seems at first glance. Private investigators Brooklyn, New York jobs involve everything from resolving legal issues and financial disputes to providing closure for clients regarding personal matters throughout Brooklyn, New York. In other words, the job description of a Private Investigators Brooklyn, New York  is often much more complex than meets the eye.

Here are just a few of the areas of specialization private investigators Brooklyn, NY can be found working:

General Investigators

May help clients find information on a missing loved one; they may gather information for clients embroiled in a child custody battle or divorce; or they may assist Brooklyn, New York businesses in locating customers who refuse to pay a debt.

Legal Investigators

Private investigators are often brought in to help either clients or lawyers prepare for court cases. They may conduct surveillance, interview people, and perform research for parties in litigation. Legal investigators have extensive experience in the Private Investigators Brooklyn, New York court system, as they must understand the laws surrounding evidence in court procedures and what can and cannot be admitted into a court of law.

Corporate/Financial Investigators

Corporate investigators, who are often hired by large, private corporations, are called upon to perform any number of duties, including: Investigate a company’s history and financial performance; Investigate a company’s interests and investments; Conduct background investigations on new employees; Review financial, computer, telephone, etc. records of employees suspected of fraud, embezzlement or theft.

Insurance Investigators

Private investigator jobs are often found in insurance companies who pay compensation claims, and within businesses that suspect financial abuse or fraud. They may work for homeowners insurance companies, auto insurance companies, and workman’s compensation insurance companies, and they may investigate everything from personal injury claims to medical malpractice claims, just to name a few.

Computer Forensic Investigators

Deals with investigations involving everything from cyber bullying to identity theft. Private investigators are experts in a number of areas, including tracking and retrieving digital information and accessing and analyzing computer hardware and software.

Civil/Domestic Investigators

Private investigators that provide investigative services in civil or domestic matters in Brooklyn, New York may be called upon to uncover information related to infidelity, child custody, or divorce, among others.

Missing Persons Investigators

Often times, private investigators involved in missing person cases work alongside law enforcement officials. Missing person investigations may involve finding lost loved ones, debtors who owe money, runaways, and missing persons involved in cold cases.

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