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process server bronx

Process Server Bronx

Process Server Bronx

Process servers are licensed professionals that deliver (or “serve”) legal documents to a defendant (a person or company that is sued or being accused of something) that is involved in a court case.

In need of Process Server Bronx? No worries! We have you covered. First Class Process has the serve that you need! No matter what the case may be, First Class Process is here to provide you with the personal attention you may be needing.

Here at First Class Process, our servers are professional licensed experts. Our process servers are here to make your case easy and smoother for you. We know you want someone who is honest, reliable, and efficient. Luckily, that is the best way to describe our company and workers!

Our company is located in Staten Island, New York. We work with many law firms as well as solo practitioners. Our job as a process server includes, but not limited to: Document and maintain accurate, organized, and legible records of all activity; Use server smartphone app to upload GPS coordinates and photos upon all attempts and servers; Verify and attest, under oath, to services performed-in court (when summoned) and in an affidavit; lastly, Serve documents timely and efficiently manage workload in collaboration with server coordinator. We provide our services in the following areas: Child Support Order, Surveillance, Landlord / Tenant Notices & Petitions, Divorce Papers, and any other legal papers.

You may think that a process server isn’t needed but if you need one and you don’t have one, you may end up in the situation where your case gets delayed. First Class Process are the leaders in process service and court services in the Great New York area. If you are in need of a Process Server Bronx, no matter what your situation may be or if you are in need of a consultation, do not hesitate to call. We will answer whatever concerns may be having. Email or contact the office at 929-364-0172 or


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