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Process Server in Brooklyn, New York

Process Server in Brooklyn, New York


Hiring a professional Process Server in Brooklyn, New York, will save you time and frustration, and it is beneficial to the outcome of your legal matter. Some states only require that the person serving the legal documents be at least 18 years old and not a party to the case, but if the person you get to serve the documents operates outside the boundaries of the law, your case could be jeopardized.

The following four reasons explain why you should hire a professional Process Server in Brooklyn, New York to handle your legal documents:

1) In some states, people who serve papers must have a process server license. In order to gain this status, professional process servers have been through some combination of education, training, background checks and more.


2) States have varying laws covering who can serve papers, when and where people can be served, which methods of service are allowed, what constitutes harassment or trespassing, etc. For example, in some states, it is prohibited to serve papers to someone on Sundays or certain holidays. Unless you feel like researching every state and federal law that applies to service of process, you should leave it up to a trained professional who knows how to operate within the law. If your papers are served in a way that violates a law, it can lead to delays, complications and even dismissal of your court case.


3) Service of process isn’t always easy. The person who is to be served might be hard to locate because they moved from Brooklyn, New York they are on the road often, or they simply don’t want to be found. Even if the person is located, he or she might be inclined to evade service of process by any means necessary. And if you do find the person and have your papers in hand, you might have to deal with someone who is angry about being served. Professional process servers are trained to locate hard-to-find people and serve them, as well as diffuse heated situations.


4) Process servers give you solid proof that the subject was successfully served. Their affidavit of service, or proof of service, that they provide to you following service of process is something you can submit to the Brooklyn, New York courts to verify that the other party was notified of legal action.

First Class employees acquire a broad range of knowledge by working with all types of legal practice Process Server in Brooklyn, New York have the opportunity to grow, and enjoy work-life balance. First Class Process, along with its sister companies lead the industry in rapid delivery of your documents. Our service is done with precision and complete integrity, all of which support the legal profession.

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Process Server in Brooklyn

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