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Process Server New York

Process Server New York

Do you live in New York? Are you in need of a Process Server New York? If the answer is yes, then First Class Process has you covered! Here at First Class Process we provide you with our service and attention for any situation or case that you may need.

You may be asking “what is a process server?” and / or “why would I need a process server?” Well for starters, a process server is a person that delivers or “serves” legal documents to a defendant (a person or company that is sued or accused of something). Hiring a professional Process Server New York can be beneficial and will save you time and frustration when it comes to any legal matter. Here are four reasons as to why you should hire a professional Process Server New York to handle your legal documents:

  1. Depending where you live, the person who delivers or “serves” papers must have a process server license. A professional process server is someone who has gone through education, training, background checks, and more.


  1. Depending in which state you live the laws vary as to who can serve papers, when they can be severed, and where people can be served. It also matters which method of service is being used and allowed, as well as what is considered harassment or trespassing.


  1. Find the person who is supposed to get severed can be hard to locate at times. This could be because they are hardly ever at home or because the person knows that they are going to get severed and they don’t want to be found. With a professional process server, they are trained to locate those who do not want to be found.


  1. A professional process server will give you proof that he or she has successfully severed the subject. This proof is then submitted to the courts to verify that the other party was legally notified.


If you are in need of a Process Server New York, no matter what the situation may be, contact us. We will answer any question you may be having. Email or contact the office at 929-364-0172 or

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