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If you’re requesting a surveillance, you’re usually ninety-nine percent certain that your partner is being deceitful, but you need proof in hand to confront your partner or to support your claims in court in filing for divorce or child custody (unless you live in a state that has no-fault divorce). If handled properly and professionally, an investigative service will gather evidence that will either confirm or eliminate your suspicions.

Martin Investigative Services
Stacey knew Brandon was a womanizer. He didn’t break up with his last girlfriend until two months after he began a hot relationship with Stacey. Disturbing, but Stacey loved him and hoped Brandon would be different.

Fast-forward one year. Now, she suspects that Brandon’s up to his old tricks, maybe even dating his ex. He claims he’s faithful, but Stacey still believes he’s lying. She needs definitive proof; for example, a videotape of him having sex in the car.

Every week, Martin Investigative Services fields hundreds of calls asking about surveillance services. Eighty eighty percent of the time the callers are female. We invite them in for a free consultation, we take down information on the individuals involved, explain the surveillance process and equipment, discuss fees and payment, and select the best time to conduct the surveillance.

We find it’s faster and less costly to our clients if we assign a two-person team to the case. With only one investigator, losing someone in traffic may add hours or days to the process and increase hourly mileage-rate totals. The team should have two-way radio communications along with video and digital cameras.

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