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First Class Process Servers & Investigations, LLC

The leader in process service and court services in the Greater New York area. We are valued as a reliable service provider by law firms. Every day we handle crucial work at all stages of their cases, both in office and in the field. We ensure that our clients can focus on a winning case strategy by delivering peace of mind that critical support work is handled professionally and dependably. First Class employees acquire a broad range of knowledge by working with all types of legal practice, have the opportunity to grow, and enjoy work-life balance. First Class Process, along with its sister companies lead the industry in rapid delivery of your documents. Our service is done with precision and complete integrity, all of which support the legal profession.


SURVEILLANCE SPECIALISTS – Covert, Photographical, Video, Physical, Confidential. State of the art mobil surveillance van

• Infidelity and Cheating Spouse or Partner
• Workers Compensation Suits
• Insurance Fraud
• Child Custody
• Personal Injury
• Security
• Lifestyle
• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Teen Tracking
• Long Island and New York City




• Domestic Infidelity
• Divorce Proceedings
• Pre-Marital Verification
• Child Custody, Child Care and Visitation
• Stalking/Harassment
• Long Island and New York City
• Local and National Assets Located
• Hidden Assets Identified

Private Security, Personal Security

• Discreet Professional Security Services
• Armed or Unarmed
• Personal Protection
• Large or Small Events, Parties, Gatherings
• New York City or Long Island

personal security


Pre-Marital Investigations

• Check his/her past
• Verify employment
• Assets
• Properties
• Claims they make to you
• Cheating
• Criminal Checks
• Local and National Assets Located

Child Custody and Care

• Neglect
• Abuse
• Visitation
• Adoption

child custody

workers comp

Worker’s Comp and Insurance Investigations

• Surveillance
• Activity
• False or Exaggerated Claims

Employment Screening

• Identity Check
• Previous Address Trace
• Criminal Records
• Sex Offender Registry Search
• Previous Employment Verification & Analysis
• Professional License Verification
• Reference Verifications
Licensed Bonded Insured


Infidelity Investigations – Cheating Spouse

Every case is confidential and performed discreetly
For immediate service and a FREE consultation about your infidelity or suspected cheating spouse situation, call us at 1 (929) 364-0172
You can be confident that your case and information will remain private. From first contact with our agencies infidelity cheating spouse investigators, everything discussed remains personal and confidential
Don’t make the mistake, put yourself at risk or make the situation worse by trying to handle matters on your own. Leave it to the professionals to handle your case properly.
First Class Investigations is a fully insured, licensed and bonded New York State Private Investigator with competitive, highly trained, and experienced investigators.
The experience and trained professionals at First Class Investigations take pride in providing you with solutions and personal attention at an affordable rate. We understand the sensitive and delicate nature of infidelity issues, and are aware of your concerns involved in finding out whether a spouse or partner has betrayed you. Infidelity or cheating partner is an emotionally difficult situation. At First Class Investigations, we understand your need for a quick and productive investigation. We are sensitive to your needs and to the situation that you have been put in. You will be given adequate updates throughout the process if deemed necessary.
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